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Henok Dinku and Melat Amazing Story

Henok Dinku and Melat announced their relationship before one year. But are they still together? How about the newly released photos?

You can start from zero. And be a hero to many.

If we lose everything, if we lose people we depend on, if we suffer from illness, if our bank account is empty, if there are disappointments. . . You can always start from zero.

Even in our old age, we can always build on who we are as children. What is expected of us is our determination, perseverance, faith, and patience to change, not focus on the problem or the problem, but on the basic concepts (determination, perseverance, patience) that will help us to solve the problem.

Your life-changing leader is in your hands. Do not wait for others and other times, do not think that time is running out. Your time is now, even if your situation seems to be over. But if you are strong and have the courage to stand up for what you believe is right, then you will see the light. You will lift yourself up from the emptiness of your past, and you will conceive in your womb.

Then you will recover from the dust from which you were cut off. Your branches will be cut off. Your branches will be cut off. If you redeem yourself with the idea of growth again, you will thrive again.

Once again, you will be able to prune the sprouting green leaves and branches. The camel knows that there is no water in the desert. But when you let her in and out of the desert, she will not back down or be afraid. Because she was sure that there was enough food and water in her pantry, she prepared it by storing it before entering the desert.

Focus on the inside of you, like the camel. Tell them that there is a win-win situation, a win-win, a win-win. Light up their journey with the light of knowledge, perseverance, and patience that you have in front of you.

Then the cut, the fallen, the forgotten and the despised will be resurrected. The journey that was supposed to end with a “failure” will continue and it will be completed. It is empty, empty, meaningless. . . It exists. Zero one, two or three when we all adjust the direction of our target. . . Starts counting.

There is something inside you that will make you great and empty. One thing you need to know is that zero is the beginning of numbers. If you think everything you have is zero, then you should be happy.

Taken from Yene Sitota pages 158 to 159
… Biruk Yeshitla. . .

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