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Plastic Surgery and Ethiopian artists

We have seen a lot of modern technology results and one of them is plastic surgery which helps to correct body part as we wish. Obviously everybody wishes to be the beautiful person but nature is not like that as we see a lot of people in our daily life. Even though I support the price we pay for Beauty and encourage everyone to keep its hygiene.

Don’t wait until you hit a small rock

The construction supervisor called the workers from the 6th floor, who could not hear him. The supervisor interrupted because the employee could not hear the employer’s call.

So the supervisor dropped the silver on top of the worker’s foot, the worker took the money and put it in his pocket and continued his work.

The worker picked up the money and put it in his pocket. He went to work again. Finally, he threw another piece of silver and could not get the worker’s idea. He picked up a small stone and threw it at the worker. The stone found the worker’s head. It was at this point that the worker looked up and began to talk to the supervisor. This story is similar to our life. The Creator wants to connect with us. But we are so preoccupied with worldly work that the Creator gives us a small gift and we continue our work. We do not have time to look straight ahead. Once again, the Creator gives us a better gift than before. We still take the gift and give thanks to the Creator. We do not try to look as straight as we can. And when we hit a small rock, that is, when we find a small problem, we start looking up and screaming and then we start talking to the Creator. Therefore, whenever we receive a gift in our lives, we should immediately thank the Creator and never wait until we are stoned to death. Let us always meet the Creator.

God is love.

God is good.

God fulfills the desires of the heart.

But let’s not wait until we are stoned like a worker

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