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African Human Rights Commission calls on ICRC to investigate human rights abuses in Tigray

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on the African Union Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (EHRC) to investigate the alleged human rights violations in Tigray State.

He made the call in a statement to the African Union Peace and Security Council on the current situation in the region and its background.

The Prime Minister said allegations of human rights abuses against citizens in Tigray State were baseless.

He said the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is conducting an independent investigation into alleged human rights abuses in the region, including Axum.

He recalled that the government had also agreed to participate in the investigation.

He further said that the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights wanted the government to investigate the alleged human rights violations in the region.
He said Ethiopia has taken law enforcement measures in the Tigray region to protect its sovereignty in the state.

He thanked the African Union and its member states for their cooperation and support to Ethiopia during this difficult time.

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