Lidiana Solomon got engaged

Many people were talking about a photo released on Instagram. Firstly it was guessed as if it is Henock with his new fiancee but now it is known that they are Lidiana and her boyfriend.

TheThe Minister of Finance briefed the African Finance Industry Forum on the current Ethiopian economy

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shede, said Ethiopia is committed to improving its economy.

He said Ethiopia, like other countries, has been affected by the epidemic, adding that the epidemic has affected small and large enterprises, the business sector and the service sector. Although the epidemic has affected Ethiopia’s economic growth, it has registered 6.1 percent growth in 2012/13. He said 8 percent growth is expected this year as well.

Regarding the financial sector, Ethiopian banks have played an important role in expanding access to finance, increasing national savings and financing major public and private projects over the past decade, he said.

Ahmed, who was the guest of honor at the panel discussion, said Ethiopia’s domestic economic reform has come a long way to address the macroeconomic crisis and modernization of the financial sector is underway. He said the steps being taken to establish a capital market, strengthen the stock market, and modernize the monetary policy framework are some of the steps taken to improve the financial sector.

Regarding telecom upgrades, Ahmed said the government is working hard to realize the digital economy by opening up the market and partially privatizing Ethio Telecom with the use of new technologies and better telecom access.

The online panel discussion was organized in collaboration with the African Executive Forum and the International Finance Corporation, with the aim of helping the African financial sector recover and strengthen. The meeting was attended by 500 participants, 50 discussion leaders and 350 government representatives.

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