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Interview with Haymanot Girma on Sunday with EBS

Haymanot Girma is a famous Ethiopian singer of the 90th generation. She had released an album before and it was a very great one.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s second book “Addition” or “Medemer” will reach readers tomorrow.

The new book “Way of Addition” or “Yemedemer Menged” prepared by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will be available to readers tomorrow, he said on his social media page.

“The book explores the traces of change and the way it has been added back and forth,” he said.

Dr. Abiy also described the attitudes that have brought about the change that has taken place in the past, what the reform process has been like since its inception, the good and the challenges that have arisen over time, and the accompanying stories.

“It includes my long-cherished memories and the friendly thoughts I have shared with my friends that I have written in my heart that I will not write them tomorrow,” he said.

He also expressed his hope that the book would provide a better understanding of many issues. He also said that it took more than two years to prepare the book. The book is available in two languages, Amharic and Afan Oromo, and is expected to reach readers tomorrow.

Tigray State 12th grade national exams are being given. The Tigray Regional State Education Bureau announced that 12th grade students are taking the national exams. Deputy Head of the Regional Education Bureau, Eng. Esther Yitbarek, told ENA that the national exams are being given at various test sites without any security problems. He recalled that the campaign was psychologically pressured, but that his enthusiasm for the exam was admirable. He also said that it would give a second chance to students who failed the exam due to various reasons. Dr. Tedros Aregawi, Chief Executive of the North Zone of Tigray State, on his part called on students in the region. He recalled that students from different zones of the region have registered to take the exam. Accordingly, the students have started taking the exam without any problems. Dr. Tedros confirmed that there was a peaceful movement in the exam areas today. The 12th grade national exam that started today in all parts of Ethiopia will continue until next Thursday.

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