Zetenegnaw Shi Sitcom Drama Part 76

Zetegnaw shi also with a literal meaning of Nineth world is one of the most popular shows on FanaTV. This drama aired every Sunday afternoon.

The role of women in road safety, compliance and enforcement of the law has been highlighted. Speaking at the end of the training, the Minister of Transport of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, said that 4,133 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2012 EC alone. More than 12,000 suffered minor and serious injuries; He said about 9 billion birr worth of property was destroyed. He said the ministry is focusing on road safety activities in collaboration with the federal police and all sections of the society should play their part. According to the Minister, women have a significant role to play in preventing accidents, driving, and enforcing the law. He also urged them to fulfill their dual responsibilities.

First, medical training was provided. Traffic clashes in our country are claiming the lives of many citizens and causing severe physical and property damage, and many families behind the traffic accidents are known to be in dire straits. The training was organized by the Ministry for two days, in particular, it is believed that attention should be given to saving lives and reducing injuries by improving and strengthening services provided after the disaster. The trainings were given to women in the transport sector. The trainees are well aware that it is possible to save lives and reduce the number of disabilities by bringing victims to medical facilities as soon as possible.

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