Selamawit Funny stage music

Selamawit Yohannes once again showed her versatility by performing traditional song which is not commin for modern music singers.

The production of the Febella oil factory began to enter the capital.

Belayneh Kinde, the owner of the Fabella Oil Factory, has started importing oil into Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa Trade Bureau Head, Abdulfatah Yousef Fana Broadcasting Corporation, said an agreement has been reached to supply 3 million liters of oil a month to Addis Ababa.

He said the bureau has so far received 120,000 liters of the 3 million liters of oil from the agreement.

Fana Broadcasting Corp. also visited the warehouse of the Industrial Resources Development Enterprise and confirmed the import of 20 liters of Febella oil plant.

He said an agreement has been reached to make the imported oils available in 3 and 5 liter packages for the convenience of the community.

He said they have recently seized a number of illegally stored oil products. He also said that locally produced and legally imported wool oils have the potential to meet the needs of the society.

He said adequate arrangements have been made with the sub-sectors and consumer associations to prevent the distribution of the oil products which will start to be distributed to the public starting tomorrow.

Deputy General Manager of Industrial Resources Development Enterprise, Nikuse Gebremariam, said the company has reached an agreement to supply 780,000 liters of oil to Gambella State.

He said the Dire Dawa Shemu Oil Factory is supplying 780,000 liters of oil to the Somali Regional State.

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