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“Religious institutions should not only teach peace, unity and tolerance, but also work closer to social development.” ፡ Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe

Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe said religious institutions should work more closely on social development besides teaching about peace, unity and tolerance.

Thanksgiving program was held for those who contributed to the establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Council.

The Deputy Mayor said the participation of religious institutions and parishioners in Ethiopia in peace and development is making a significant contribution to the country’s development journey.

The Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Council has held a ceremony to thank those who supported the legal recognition of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

He said the government’s recognition of religious institutions after the change was a sign of the council’s legal recognition.

He called on the council to strengthen its moral values and play its role in ensuring lasting peace in Ethiopia.

President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Council, Dr. Iyasu Elias, on his part said the recognition has created capacity to work together.

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