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DSTV is working to promote Bahir Dar’s natural beauty and tourist destinations.

Bahir Dar is preparing for the Ethiopian Premier League to be held at the Bahir Dar International Stadium on February 20, 2013 (Amhara Communication). All 13 teams participating in the league have arrived in Bahir Dar and are preparing.

The DSTV media team also went to the beach to broadcast the competition live. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the sports family and the city administration.

In addition to taking advantage of the fact that the league will receive DSTV air coverage, it is also working to promote the beauty of the city.

A consensus was reached to introduce the city and its attractions to the world, using a 30-second to 1-minute airtime at the beginning and end of the game. In collaboration with the City Administration’s Culture and Tourism Department and the Government Communication Office, a recording of the city’s features and attractions to be broadcast on DSTV is underway.

The Bahir Dar City Administration Government Communication Department urged the residents, business community and other service providers to use the opportunity in a manner that is conducive to the dignity of our people and the country in a way that is conducive to economic awakening and cultural and tourism resources.

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