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Ethio Telecom Contributed 500 Million Birr for “Dine for Ethiopia” Project

The project covers three regional states which has aimed at meaking the places destination for tourism and trade. Those three sites Wonchi from Oromia region, Koyisha from SNNPR, and Gorgora from Amhara region.

Ethio Telecoms contribution comes after the news of Commercial Bank of Ethiopias 1 Billion birr support for the project.

In similar news, Private enterprises and investors pledged 390 million birr for “Dine for Country”.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Lelisse Neme, and State Minister of Trade and Industry, Ambassador Misganu Arga recieved a reciept from private investors in the city which amounts above three hundred million birr.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe on behalf of the fundraising committee thanked the investors who participated in the national development agenda and said,

Promising organizations and investors participating in this major national project have also called on them to make similar revenues this week.

Participating investors, for their part, expressed their pride and joy at Sheger’s participation in the table and asked for more time to include other participants.

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