PM Abiy Ahmed today visited Artificial and Organic Support Organization

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, who has disappeared from the media, appeared today.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed today visited Artificial and Organic Support Organization.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed visited the Artificial Body and Body Support Organization at the Ministry of Health this morning.

The company is known for producing artificial limbs such as crutches and support for mobility.

Following the Prime Minister’s disappearance from the media, various false information about his safety was circulating on social media. His office provided accurate information on the Prime Minister’s safety.

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The Mekelle City Roads and Transport Office told Tigray TV that it has started cracking down on illegal drivers who have used the political crisis and instability in the Tigray region as an opportunity to harass the public and increase their tariffs.

Mekelle City Roads and Transport Bureau Head, Kebede Assefa, said 78 drivers from Mekelle town have been fined for loading and unloading vehicles off the road and causing additional costs to the community.

Kebede Assefa said: “… We have been warning the media to take their seats and the vehicles at the station to be properly serviced, but they have not been able to do so. “We have arrested those who did not do so and those who were found working off-line.

Mekelle Traffic Police Head, Inspector Yirgalem G. Tsadik, on his part said efforts are being made to prevent drivers from being harassed.

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