Mekdes were deeply in love

I got up this morning, take my car, and left. We had better traffic than usual. I made my way to Bole. As soon as I arrived in Bole, I found the Mekdes, and we went to Kaldis and ate breakfast. Mekdes is my 4 year old girlfriend. I met her at Jima when I went to give a short course at the university to 5th year computer science students.

Mekdi is from Addis Ababa. She was born and raised in Bole, around Rwanda area. I am from Adama. Coincidentally, I am fluent in many languages. I can speak Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrinya and Somali fluently. Mekdi is very happy with my ability. I’m teaching her too. We fell in love with Mekdi by chance.

Here is the thing. Mekdi came to my office after the test and knocked. I politely told her to come in. She told me why she had come. During the test. She politely told me that it was not the answer sheet but the wrong answer. She was a beautiful woman. I thought it was a good opportunity and told her to put the answer sheet away. She thanked him and left. On the third day, while I was showing the students the answer sheet, she told me that she had not received her copy. When I finished telling her to calm down, I told her I would find an office and said good-bye.

According to her appointment, she came to the office. She was overjoyed to see the results. I asked her for tea. She agreed without hesitation. I told her we would meet in the city at night, and she went home.

It took me about a year to arrive. I came out wearing clean clothes, perfume. I arrived just in time for the appointment at 12:30. Mekdi had already arrived, so I waved her hand and asked her to walk with me.

The venue was Jimma Central Hotel. We ate the beautiful food of the house and went out with the best South African wine. Mekdi was very happy. I’m very happy too.

We went out together. As we talked, we walked a long way. We arrived at the library. I kissed my cheek and said good night. As soon as I got home, Mekdi called. It was to ensure my safe entry.

When I couldn’t sleep, I called her. As we talked, the night fell. I went to work in the morning without going to bed.

Part 2 is here

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