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Addis Ababa housing development bid for 2nd round commercial houses

40/60 commercial bids for the second round are 151,000 birr per square meter and 23,000 birr high and low respectively.

The houses are in the basement of the condominium buildings built for 40/60 program.

Debub Global Bank has won by offering the highest price.

Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Development Corporation bid for the second round of 40/60 commercial houses. The highest bid per square meter was 151,000 birr and the lowest bid was 23,951 birr.

The corporation offered 149 commercial houses with 40/60 condominium houses in Bole Ehil Nigd, Bole Ayat, Bole Bulbula, Bole Loke, Bole Building Supplier, Lideta Senga Tera, Akaki Kaliti Crown and Kolfe Keranio sites.

The corporation announced that 298 enterprises and individual traders have submitted high and low prices for a house.

South Global Bank SC won the 40/60 business at Bole Ehil Nigid with a maximum price of 151,000 birr, beating its rival Berhan Bank SC by 83,460 birr to 67,540 birr.

Another bidding process was held at the Bole Grain Trading Site.

According to a statement issued by the corporation, two individual bidders won the lowest bid price of 23,950 birr and the other bidder won the bid with 51 birr and 24,001 birr.

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