Two men were killed by gunfire during a wedding in Gondar

Two escorts were killed in a gunfire for a wedding reception

Two bridesmaids were killed in a shooting at a wedding party in Gondar, police said.

Chief Inspector General of the Woreda Police Office, Mesafint Abay, told ENA that the escorts died in the rural kebele of Chira Manterno in the woreda.

The accident took place on the evening of January 26, 2020.

The two bridesmaids were seriously injured in a shooting at a wedding party, according to the Chief Inspector General of Police.

Police confirmed the death of the grooms entourage and handed over their bodies to their families.

He said the perpetrator had temporarily fled the area and that the police were searching for him.

The Inspector General of Police also conveyed the message that the community should work with the police to prevent the recurrence of violence against innocent people by shooting at weddings and funerals.

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