Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is set to step down

Italys Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that he will step down today.

Conte is said to have resigned after being criticized for his poor performance in the wake of the covid pandemic.

In Italy, 85,000 people died of the virus.

After Conte leaves office, he hopes the president will give me a chance to form a new government.

Given this opportunity, the president is expected to hold talks with the parties in parliament and form a new coalition government.

If Giuseppe fails to do so, the president will hand over the responsibility of forming a government to someone else.

Conte has been Italy’s prime minister since 2018.

He has been criticized in recent weeks by the lower house of parliament, which won a landslide victory in the by-elections.

The vote was prompted by the withdrawal of the Italian Viva party, led by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Conte, who is said to be more professional than a neutral politician, has led two successive governments.

For 15 months, the M5S led a coalition of right-wing Mathieu Salvinis party.

Since then, the M5S and the Democratic Party have formed a coalition government.

According to the BBC, there is a strong hope that a new coalition government will return to power in Italy at this difficult time.

Source: BBC

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