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Keys to a Happy life

Many people say we want to be happy but we cant !! Happiness is not a mystery to just a few. Let me tell you some of the things that make you happy that you cant be happy, if you do these things you will be happy !!!

★ Thanking
I am very happy with my life. But not because everything is perfect for me or because I have everything !! But there are many things I do not want. But they did not prevent me from being happy. Because I look at what I have rather than what I don’t have. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Therefore, it is better to say thank you than to say thank you. For those who think, it is always added, but for those who do not, it is reduced. Always be thankful for what you have to say. Thank you, for the grateful soul is filled with gifts.፡

★Most people think I am poor and wait for money to be happy !! Not surprisingly, the rich man laughs when he wants money. What if I told you that we are all rich?

✍For example, you are now reading this article !! If you were to read this article, would you sell it to a rich man for 10 million birr? You certainly won’t do it because “our eyes are worth more than 10 million birr.” You see, we now have a treasure worth even 10 million birr. The problem is that we do not use this wealth, so when we use these resources, we are rich, so do not worry that you are poor. Money and sleep come in their own time.

★ Don’t try to please everyone

This is the main thing that you lose when you try to please everyone so don’t try to please everyone !! If you believe and do only what you want to do, you can’t please everyone if your work is 10,000 times whiter than snow !! Remember, Hitler is the most cruel man in the world. He used to cut women’s breasts. He had a friend and a very good man. So don’t worry your soul while living in this dissatisfied world, don’t cry for others to be happy, just be happy !!!

★Don’t put your happiness anywhere !!!
I read this short article and I would like to share it with you. Let me tell you a story she wrote in secret. So, just as it is written, When we quarrel with a colleague, we are saddened by the fact that when we are busy with work, we are not happy, because we put it in a place near a passing horizon !!

★Don’t worry about having fun !!

Why do I live? If so, read this article: And if you are happy, Did you ask why you live? Oh no. This question of survival arises from unhappiness and dissatisfaction. When people feel empty, they ask why they live. If you have a purpose in life and you know where you are going, You don’t ask why you live. A purposeful person does not ask, “Why?” Life is a way; You have to walk the path, whether you have a purpose or not. The difference is that when you have a purpose, you know where you are going and you don’t have to worry about questions. But the one who has no purpose does not know why, Every step is difficult.

★ Tell yourself what if you die today !!!
Imagine if we were to die today: 1: Many of the ideas we have for tomorrow will die with us 2: How many goals we set for tomorrow will go down to the grave – How many unforgivable apologies will die 7 ፡ When you wait for the day to be happy, the day will be dark for you, so think about what you should do every day as the last day. Do you think just do it now?

★ Smile
Always at work. Smile during social activities. Some people are surprised.

Well, I still tell you, a cat doesn’t light a torch to catch a mouse, and a special miracle doesn’t happen to make you happy. Think in the dark all colors are black You have to turn on the light to distinguish color If you want to be happy turn on the light of your life!

Have happy day !! *

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