Unsung Ethiopian artist Michael Tamire

Micha Tamire

Artist Michael Tamire one of the rarest artists to portray difficult characters in Ethiopian film Industry.

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From millionaire to street life
#Ethiopia His name is Mr. Iyasu Shanclo. They were born and raised in Wolayita Sodo, but since 1981 they have lived in Batu (Zwai) city. This man who went to Batu to work at the age of 14 was employed at a tea house called Adam for a monthly salary of 30 birr. Pushing a cart to earn a living at that young age; By sweeping Lystero; He has also been involved in bicycle repair for years.

But if a man works, he earns. When Ato Yasum’s income increased, they got married and gave birth to four children.

Mr. Iasu is a working man, especially after having children, he strengthened his capacity and continued to work many jobs to increase his income and provide for his children well. Fortunately, those who thought that they would be successful were successful, and gradually their earning power increased and good money came into their pockets.

Ato Yasu bought land and built a house for his children with the money they had. After that, they started to earn more income by building more houses for rent. They are not limited to this; They bought four more plots of land and brought the house number 58 which they rent out. This boosted their morale, Ato Yasu. They work tirelessly every day. They also create job opportunities for others and expand their business. They also try to find another job idea that will increase their earning potential.

The local community is also impressed by Mr. Joshua’s passion for work and hard work. People who know the ups and downs they went through from being a lister to becoming an investor, aspire to be like Mr. Joshua. Some have taken their experience and joined the business world. Ato Iyasu expressed his strong bond with the local community, “I was born in the south, but I grew up and spent most of my life in Oromia. I gathered wealth. I started a family and had children here. I know more about Oromo culture and tradition than Walayita Sodo, where my brother is buried. I have a strong relationship with the people of the city like a family,” they say.

When Mr. Yasu’s business expanded, he opened a small tea shop for his wife and started baking. They bought more land and built houses and rented them out and saved their money. In addition to houses for rent, grocery distribution; They opened a motorcycle, motorcycle and bicycle parts store.

In order to expand their business facilities and increase their financial capacity, they appraised their ten plots of land at 13 million birr and took a loan of three million birr from the bank. As they thought, they continued their day in order to achieve their plan.

When a person is working, he is bound to face problems, Ato Yasum Ager thought he was safe, but he encountered something he did not expect while doing his job. That is, a fight between two people in a bar in a city, one of them is injured and hospitalized; The matter will be considered under the shadow of law. However, the fight was not limited to the two men. Immediately following the death of a victim, the problem escalated.

Ato Iyasu became one of the residents who were seriously injured by something they didn’t think about and didn’t know. Explaining what happened that day, he said, “On November 3, 2010, at 6:00 p.m., a rock fell on me in my house, saying that the country is at peace. But this did not happen only to me.

After all this, Mr. Yasu, who had no clue about what happened, could not do anything but protect himself and his family from the attack. But they did not hide that two policemen who lived in their rented house were doing their part to stop the conflict.

But the situation was beyond their control, so they called the city police and they arrived before my property was destroyed. However, Ato Yeasu, who said that he called the federal police because the policemen who arrived were unable to defend him, explained that the federal police did not stop shooting until 10:00 a.m. when they arrived at Batu.

“… The violence did not stop until our house was reduced to ashes. The stores were also badly damaged. As a result, I lost property worth more than ten million birr,” they say. They remember that when the accident happened, they came out with only the clothes they were wearing, without any money or possessions, in order to save the lives of their families and themselves.

“….I have lived in Batu City for 29 years and I have never been accused of crime; I never went to jail. I know nothing but work. However, I lost my property due to the violence created by individuals,” he explained. Apart from the houses that were personally burnt, many motorbikes and bicycles, as well as a grocery store and a motorcycle parts store were also destroyed, Mr. Yasu says with a high degree of sadness.

When the accident happened, we did not expect it, so we went out in the clothes we wore to save ourselves. During that time, my property worth more than 10 million Birr was destroyed.

Due to the conflict between two individuals, they lost all the property they had earned for 29 years in one night, which caused them great heartbreak.

Ato Yasu owes three million birr to the bank. They mortgaged their house as collateral for this loan. However, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Peace and the Investment Commission have written a letter of cooperation to the bank to extend their payment due to the problem they have faced, but the bank sold their house in a closed auction only because they did not want to understand their problem. They say with sadness that “… because I could not pay, the bank took its own action and my house was sold unfairly”.

On the other hand, the bank used the rental income of about one million from their houses that survived the fire. The place that was sold for two million was sold for 980 thousand birr. Despite this, they claim that they have not been given the remaining money that should be returned to them.

“Right now I don’t have any source of income; I am begging some friends 18 I am managing my family. Not with the current cost of living. It is difficult for even one person to support himself. Not to mention, there are many occasions when the court and some federal institutions called me and I ran out of money to go to Addis Ababa and my case was disrupted,” he said, expressing his sadness.

“… It is very difficult for me to live with people’s hands today as I did not support many people yesterday. Right now, my family and I are out on the street. When I go to Addis Ababa for my business, I can’t pay for a hotel, so I spend the night in a church located at the intersection.” Ato Yasu Anba says with tears in his eyes that they have tried to commit suicide several times due to their despair.

In particular, the wealth and property that they have accumulated for centuries due to no fault of theirs has been reduced to ashes in a matter of hours. All that they have passed away since their childhood is not in their hands today. Investors who used to survive for many have fallen on the field today.

“…Yesterday I lived in a house for 58 years and today I am in serious trouble because I have lost a small house. Someone who has worked knows how hard it is to find and lose. I am confused because I have no food for my children. For one year and six months, a person I know has stayed with me in their house for free. But now I am out of my family’s way,” they say. Due to this problem, the fact that their first child and their husband fell ill caused them more stress because they were not able to treat them. “I want the government to realize what happened to me and give me a solution,” Ato Yasu asked.

Both country and individual benefit only from peace. When there is peace, the country prospers. Citizens work and produce wealth. They can use the wealth they have earned properly. But if there is no peace, it is useless to rely on wealth and possessions. That is why it is said that peace is the foundation of everything. This is what Ato Iyasu Shanklo’s tragic incident teaches us. Therefore, let us pay attention to peace at any time and place.

Mahlet Abdul

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