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Shewit Kebede revealed the truth

Shewit Kebede

Shewit Kebede is one of the friends of late artist Tariku Birhanu. She has rejected the the claim that he was not supported by his friends and work colleagues. Rather she said everyone in his friend circle has contributed during his time of illness.


The study confirmed that the targeted fuel subsidy is exposed to theft

According to the Ethiopian People’s Ombudsman, it has been confirmed by research that the oil subsidy is being exposed to theft, smuggling and wastage without its intended purpose.

The results of a study conducted by the Public Ombudsman Institution in Ethiopia on the implementation of the targeted fuel subsidy and the problems encountered in the implementation process have been announced.

According to the chief ombudsman of the institution, Dr. Sihal Haile, the purpose of the study is to ensure that the society benefits from the targeted fuel subsidy system and to identify the problems in the sector and to take further steps to solve them.

He also reminded that the fuel subsidy aims to reduce the cost of the government, increase the income from the sector, benefit the society, and eliminate the smuggling and waste of fuel.

However, the study indicated that there are wide gaps and problems in the implementation of the targeted fuel subsidy.

He said that theft and illegality, as well as smuggling and waste, are particularly common around petrol stations and retailers.

In addition, he said that the study indicated that the subsidy is being used by drivers in an unwanted manner rather than the society, and that the vehicles using the subsidy have stopped providing regular services and engaged in contract work.

He said that the study showed that the fuel subsidy beneficiaries are charging 90 birr to 200 birr and 300 birr to 600 birr.

This is due to the lack of coordinated deployment and control in the area of ​​transportation, the failure of officials and professionals in charge of the business and transportation sector to fulfill their responsibilities properly, and weak coordination.

In order to solve the problems, the stakeholders should strengthen the coordinated operation and control the vehicles using the subsidy with GPS technology.

He also pointed out that a purpose-based system and policy framework for fuel subsidies should be developed to solve the problems in a sustainable manner.

In order for the implementation to be uniform and effective, they have indicated that the states, including the federal, city governments, zones and districts, should own the decree, according to ESA.

It has been stated that since the targeted fuel subsidy was implemented, the government has been able to save more than 1 billion birr every month.

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