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Artist Selam Tesfaye heart touching message

Selam Tesfaye message for Tariku Baba

Selam Tesfaye is one of the successful artists in Ethiopian film industry. She got the chance to perform on many movies with artist Tariku.

She had sent her message to her fans and she has revealed how she left heartbroken since the news of his passing away. He was gone too soon.

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“Today, we held a fruitful discussion with our residents from different sections of the society in Addis Ababa on the current issues of our city.

Today, we have openly discussed the security breaching activities we encountered in connection with the Oromia flag and song in some schools in our city.

As it is known, the Oromo people’s request to learn Oromo in Afan was started in a hurry on the eve of the change (during the EPRDF era) and the change movement was a response to the tension at the time.

At that time, when it was wanted to teach the Afan Oromo language, since Addis Ababa did not have a curriculum for this, the Afan Oromo teaching curriculum was borrowed from the Oromia region. According to the curriculum, when teaching in the Afan Oromo language, the flag of the region should be hoisted and the national anthem sung. It has been applied in all the areas where the education is given for the past years.

However, in today’s discussion with the community, we clearly believe that the confusion they are creating by pretending that it started today and pretending that the flag and anthem of a region were forced to be imposed in a special way is not correct.

However, this agenda is based on a report submitted to the Addis Ababa Council a year ago, because Addis Ababa has started teaching not only Afan Oromo, but also Somali and Gamo languages ​​and has started to teach additional languages ​​after the completion of the curriculum study; It was suggested that this should not be a conflict agenda.

I would like to remind the society and the education community to remain calm and protect themselves from the conspiracy of the forces of destruction, as we have completed the study of the languages ​​curriculum prepared for Addis Ababa and we are coming to a decision.

In particular, the agenda that has been going on for five years is presented by pretending to be a new issue brought by the leadership; Absolutely wrong and extremist and terrorist forces; We agreed with the participants of the discussion that they are working to destabilize our city with this agenda.

Even now, we have reached a consensus that any question and idea should not be resolved through consultation and discussion, but through violence and chaos.

Therefore, the peaceful learning process should not be disrupted and our goal of ensuring the lasting peace of our city should be strengthened. The community should be on the side of the security forces and provide the necessary support to expose these conflict traders.

And the government to uphold the rule of law. I would like to inform you that he will do everything necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens and the peace of the city!!

Please know that our dear students will respond to the question in a legal way. Until then, I humbly request you to concentrate on your studies.

Our governmental responsibility is based on the feelings and needs of our people

Selam Tesfaye and Tariku Baba Movie

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