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Artist Tesfu Birhane Thank you message for Ethiopians

Artist Tesfu Birhane Thank you message for Ethiopians. The artist was a guest on Seifu show a year ago and promised a lot.

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Midlife crisis

Addis Ababa, October 2022,  Psychologists explain that the midlife crisis is the regret and sadness that I wish I had done this way after the age has passed.

Psychologist Sisay Tesfaye, who gave his opinion on the matter to Fana Broadcasting Corporate, says that the reason for this is the result of the times we have lived without leaving the comfort zone where we have to work.

According to the expert, when people reach the age of 30, 40 and 50, when they do not prepare the things they should prepare for themselves, that is, when they have to learn, when they do not get married, when they are prevented from giving birth, they are shocked when they see that they are not able to get what they want. This is called the wave of life.

An internal question arises. They said that it will be difficult to deal with this.

If a person does not get what he needs at the right time, he will have bad thoughts. In the family area, there will be questions saying, “You didn’t marry/Shim, you didn’t give birth/Shim, you didn’t control yourself/Shim, you didn’t learn/Shim” and there will be other questions that come when we see our friends who are ahead of us.

This creates emotional, need and other defects, the psychologist said. They also say that in this crisis, they have their own role in social service beyond the contribution of the individual.

In particular, if work is not done in developing the consciousness so that the person can properly understand his life goal and lead a rational life, the person’s age may be wasted inappropriately, the experts say.

Ato Sisay said that knowing the purpose for which we were created or knowing the reason why we came to this world is the answer to a question that arises after age.

We did not come to this world without a reason. The psychologist, who claims to be a wonderful being, also raises the question of why I live on earth.

By Feven Bishaw

Written by Editor


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