Sayat Demissie talks about her crush Shah Rukh Khan

I an exclusive interview with Fortune, Sayat Demissie look back at her life as an actress, model, singer and other take ons on life. She has shared who was her first celebrity crush was.

She said ” Shah Rukh Khan is my crush. I even fantasize about marrying him. If he requested marriage I think I would accept. I would not be here if it were not for him. He greatly influenced my career. I would love to meet him in person and I believe that will happen. I consistently, until this day, direct message him on Instagram about my every achievement.”

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The Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Office has announced that in September, which is known as the tourism month in Ethiopia, many works are being carried out for Addis Ababa to benefit from the tourism sector.

In the explanation given to our preparation room by the deputy head of the office’s tourism sector, Sadta Lorenzo; Mentioning that September is the month of tourism in Ethiopia as many festivals are celebrated, he said that many works are being done so that Addis Ababa can benefit from the sector.

He added, “The festivals celebrated in September are attended by many people.” There will be extensive public activities, so bazaars and exhibitions will be prepared, extensive shopping will be conducted, the festivals will also increase domestic tourism, hotels and tour operators will have an opportunity to increase their income, traditional clothes, traditional drinks, food and other transactions will be carried out. You picked up.

“The month of September is when the capital shines. It is the time when foreign visitors come to the country, so many works have been done to make Addis Ababa city better in order to benefit from the tourism sector, and they are still being done,” he pointed out.

Addis Ababa city is changing its appearance recently, according to the head of the department. Parks and parks are built. Places like Unity Park, Entoto Park and Friendship Square are new entertainment and park options. It is a place visited by both locals and foreigners who come to celebrate the holidays. He said that they have become a place of attraction on their own, which allows them to earn income from tourism.

Elizabeth Mengesha, a teacher of language, folklore and tourism at Samara University, told the new media; He pointed out that since September is the season for celebrating many festivals, it is possible to do more than strengthening the ties of culture and society in Addis Ababa city to earn a lot of tourism income.

Teacher Elisabeth said that the festivals have a role to promote the culture and religion of the society. “The people who come to Addis Ababa or move to other areas to celebrate the Cross and Irecha visit other places in addition to celebrating the holidays; Buys traditional clothes, handicrafts; Stays in hotels. Therefore, a high level of tourism economic activity will be created,” he said.

Teacher Elisabeth pointed out that it is necessary to make places suitable for tourism in September, especially Addis Ababa city, in order to take advantage of the tourism benefits that come with the festival of Cross Demera and Irecha.

In addition to creating a safe and secure environment for visitors to boost the economy; He also explained that it is possible to benefit from the income from tourism by allowing them to visit other attractions outside of the holidays and extend their stay.

Teacher Elizabeth said, “In order to benefit more by promoting and increasing the tourism resources, it is necessary to follow the modern system.” Through website, social media and others

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