Amazing new Ethiopian movie and Melat

Amazing new Ethiopian get a headline. Melat Nebiyu left speechless after the love her fans showed her. What is Henok thinking while Melu gets married tho?

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Tigray natives living in Addis City sub-city discussed the current national issue with the administration.

The panelists asked that the people of Tigray are suffering under the yoke of the HH, so the federal government should reach out to them.

The Head of the Addis City Sub-City Beauty and Green Development Office, Ato Santayhu Sadaha, said that the HWH, who was born in war and grew old in war, is doing business in the name of the people of Tigray and is causing the people to suffer in many areas.

The natives of Tigray who participated in the discussion said that the HHWAT is not only fighting of the people of Tigray with its own brotherly people, it is also not doing well to the people for the sake of its personal power, and the federal government should be brought to justice.

The panelists added that they will protect the peace of their region and country by lining up with the government.

Abdulsameed Shamil, Head of Addis City Sub-City Politics, who led the discussion, said that although our government prioritizes peace before anything else, the unwanted force, which has treated the government’s call for peace as fear, is committing repeated harassment, and said that the people of Tigray, who do not negotiate with their Ethiopian identity, should call this bandit group enough.

September 05-2014

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