Melat Nebiyu azing bridal shower surprise

Artist Melat Nebiyu will get married on September 11, 2022. Her friends and family prepared this amazing bridal shower surprise.


Today’s snack information

1: An agreement of 3.5 million dollars was signed between the government of Ethiopia and Japan.

The agreement is “Food Aid Program” and was signed by Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ethiopia Ito Takako. The aid is estimated at 3.5 million US dollars and it is said that it will be used for the parties displaced by the drought and the conflict in the north due to various reasons. At the time, it was said that Japan would continue to strengthen its support to Ethiopia in various fields.

  1. It was announced that the Federation Council will hold its regular meeting tomorrow.

According to the communication director of the council, Terefe Bedada, it is expected that the council will discuss several issues in the meeting and pass a decision. In particular, it is expected that the Standing Committee on Subsidy and Budget and Common Revenues, the Standing Committee on the Scope of Identity Governance and Peace Building, the Monitoring of the Implementation of the Constitution and Decisions, the Inter-Governmental Relations and Democratic Unity and the Teaching of the Constitution, will approve the 2014 Fiscal Year Implementation Report.

3.1 thousand 18 Ethiopians returned to their country from Saudi Arabia.

It was stated that 1 thousand 18 Ethiopians were able to return to their country in three rounds of repatriation of citizens from Saudi Arabia. Among the citizens who returned to their country, 1 thousand 12 are men and six are minors under the age of 18. According to the information received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson’s office, 50 thousand 672 Ethiopians have been repatriated so far.

4; She demanded the release of her soldiers imprisoned in Mali.

The West African nation of Mali arrested 49 soldiers of the Cote D’Ire last week after they were caught plotting a coup d’état. Her neighbor, Kotidir, whose soldiers were arrested in Bamako, said that my soldiers are maintaining peace in Mali according to the agreement I signed with the United Nations. Cote d’Irre, who rejected the charges presented by the Malian government, demanded the release of about 50 of its soldiers imprisoned in Mali.

5: Ukraine announced that it had destroyed a Russian weapons depot in the south with a rocket.

According to the Ukrainian military officials, the Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian weapons storage depot in Nova Khakovka in the southern part of the country with US version Himars rocket. Although the Russian military did not deny that the rocket was fired at Nova Khakovka, it was said to have hit a chemical fertilizer warehouse, according to a rumor source. Russia is said to be expanding its offensive in Dansk region, which is part of Donbas.

  1. Today, one American dollar is bought at 52 birr from 0588 cents at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

We have also seen from the website that the selling price is 53 Birr per 1000 cents. The buying price of one British pound is 58 Birr from 8341 cents and the selling price is 60 Birr from 0105 cents. Similarly, one Euro was bought for 52 Birr from 0848 cents and sold for 53 Birr from 1265 cents, while one Chinese Yuan was bought for 7 Birr from 0057 cents and sold for 7 Birr from 1458 cents, according to TinkAbyssinia.

7; CAF President Pa

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