Artist Melat Nebiyu bridal shower amazing celebration

Artist Melat Nebiyu, former fiancee of Henok Dinku, is about to get married soon. Her friends surprised her with an amazing bridal shower celebration.

Residents of Kirkos sub-city prepared food worth more than 500 thousand birr for the support of the brave defense army.

The residents, who started the food drive with the motive that we owe our defense force that protects our country by sacrificing their lives, said that we will continue to strengthen our support on all fronts until the government ends the war it was forced into without wanting to.

Dr. Brock Keder, the chief executive officer of the district, who attended the event and encouraged the residents, thanked the people for their initiative and said that this shows that you are ready to give your life for the sovereignty of your country and Ethiopia will remember you in history.

The Chief Executive said that Ethiopia has never been defeated and we will win the war we have been forced into for the 3rd time with your support and our past history is a witness to this.

Colonel Tadese Tamru, the director of the Military Stores and Clubs Management Directorate of the Defense Forces, thanked the residents for their support and said that there will be no problem in crossing the border with you who love Ethiopians. For this, I promise you on behalf of the army.

The food prepared today is estimated to be more than K500,000 and the support will continue to be strengthened on all fronts, said Chief Executive of Ward 11 Ato Birhanu Hailu.

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