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Melat is one of the most successful actresses in Ethiopian film industry. She is married to ETH millionaire. We wish her all the best in her new life adventure.

Ethiopian Health Insurance Service 2014 performance review and 2015 planning consultation forum was held in Dredawa.

At the same time, the 2014 performance evaluation and 2015 planning consultation forum held at the national level in Dredawa city; Data Quality Survey; Discussions were held on member and contribution collection information and submitted reports, as well as other issues, and the status of the community universal health insurance bill approved by the House of Representatives and the main issues included in the bill were discussed.

Mrs. Frehiwot Abebe, the Director General of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Service, who gave the opening speech at the forum, stated that in 2014, Community Health Insurance was implemented in 894 districts and the number of beneficiaries reached more than 45 million.

After welcoming the audience who came from different parts of the country, Mr. Yusuf Saeed, Head of Dredawa Health Office, said that since the beginning of the Community Health Insurance Program of our administration, various efforts have been made to benefit our community and to achieve the program’s goals as a country. He said that better performance was recorded in the effort to improve the performance of Aqfa Health Insurance Service.

Mr. Yusuf also said that the works done by preparing our health facilities to improve the health insurance services of the community are at a good level, but they are working with all the stakeholders, starting from the management leaders, to solve the challenges they are facing.

Dr. Derje Duguma, Minister of Health, DETA, who was present at the performance review and consultation forum and led the closing discussion, thanked those who played their role in the effectiveness of the community health insurance service in 2014. He emphasized that everyone should do their part to achieve 75% of the community health insurance members and implement the planned plan.

Dr. Dereje pointed out that it is appropriate to continue the activities that have been started to coordinate health insurance services and other programs, and said that the importance of health insurance services is significant. He said that the Minister of Health will pay attention to solve the problems raised in the evaluation and consultation forum as much as possible.

Dredawa Health Office Communication reported that the participants of the evaluation and consultation planted saplings at the Ethio-Djibouti railway yard and toured the organization.

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