Artist Solomon Bogale interview on seifu show

Solomon Bogale had an amazing interview in seifu show after the completion of Eregnaye drama.

The Dredawa administration and the Federal People’s House of Representatives conducted a field observation at Byaawale cluster.

It will be remembered that the Dredawa Management Council members and the representatives of the Dredawa Management Council in the House of People’s Representatives have been holding a delegation meeting with the people who elected them for the 2nd round since August 11/2014 in rural and urban areas.

Today, the Byawale Cluster, Adada Expansion School, Awale Health Center, surgical service delivery, Byawale Police Station and water dam, drinking water project in Awale and Kalcha, Bishan Behe ​​in Awale, Kurtu internal road projects, which have been built and started to provide services today. They died.

Dr. Biftu Mohammed, the representatives of Dredawa in the House of People’s Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Indonesia, expressed what he saw during the field observation. He said that the projects carried out by the Beawale cluster are at a good level and that the cluster and the project implementing institution as well as the community see the lack of coordination as a gap. He said that a better job can be done.

Honorable Dr. Biftu Mohammed added to this that some projects costing a lot of money are too late and they are not providing services. He said that there will be a lack of trust among the people.
If there is a problem related to water in the observation, the society will not only be exposed to problems, but it will also put pressure on women. If the road in the Kurtu area is cut off, it is causing problems for the community as the road has not been started for a year, so the administration should pay attention to the high risk of flooding in the community by working with the machinery watchers who are already working, in order to save money and to complete the projects in a short period of time. He said that they have a big future in terms of enabling.

At Awale Health Center, the equipment used for the surgery is complete and the smallest equipment is not complete.

He stated that since the participation of the community in the projects seen in the field observation is low, by increasing the participation of the community, by reducing the significant budget deficit of the administration, besides creating a sense of ownership, it is important to increase the participation of the community.

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