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“The festival of Ashenda is the festival of peace and peace lovers!!”
Mayor Adane Abebe

The festival of Ashenda was celebrated in Addis Ababa city where the natives of the region and the guests of honor attended.

The ceremony was attended by Addis Ababa Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe, Federal Minister of Culture and Tourism Dr. Kajela Merdasa, Federal Minister of Women and Social Affairs Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, Ethiopian Athletics Federation President Dr. Artists attended the ceremony.

Mayor Adanech Abebe said at the ceremony that our country Ethiopia is a country of many beautiful cultural values: traditions and wonderful personalities, from north to south; From east to west; Amazing national arts: It is a wonderful country with traditions and cultures that you can’t get enough of.

Addis Ababa is a city for all of us, said the mayor, Addis Ababa, regardless of identity; They said that it is a home for all of us, but a city that does not leave anyone behind.

According to Mayor Adanech, Addis Ababa is your home; This is why Addis Ababa city administration and all residents of Addis Ababa: Ashendan festival with love in every area. He said that he is celebrating with you together.

Mayor Adanech said Ashenda’s festival is a festival of peace and peace lovers and said that Ashenda girls are ambassadors of peace and living examples of peace-loving.

If we Ethiopians stand together; We have overcome all the pressures of those who want to separate us and even the external forces with great maturity and understanding. He said that we are a people who have shamed the test and the examiners again and again.

The mayor said that hatred and division are still enough. Let’s not leave the bad legacy of division and conflict for future generations. There is no lasting victory in hatred.

Mayor Adanech said that the hands that Ethiopia has extended for peace have not been folded.

Ashenda’s social value is greater in terms of connecting people and Ethiopians, so we need to strengthen our unity and social ties by taking out the values ​​expressed in the celebration of Ashenda, said Dr. Kejela Merdesa, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Federation.

Addis Ababa’s Ashenda celebration committee chairperson in charge of the housing development office in the rank of deputy mayor Ms. Yasmin Wahabirabi said that Ashenda festival is not only a celebration of love, peace and good communication in the Tigray community.
He said that it is an intangible Ethiopian resource that is worthy of being a world heritage beyond our country.

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