“I am getting many love offers” – Yirdaw Tenaw

Many surprising things happen on this earth and we have seen them happen. Our astonishment is rarely interrupted for a moment or a moment.

The characters I have seen in the books I have read so far are completely different from the good human personalities I have heard before.

It would be absurd to say that there is anyone in Hawassa who does not know the tragic story of the two lawyers or the Blue Nile Hotel. I also knew this story before. More importantly, it was after my friend Zemedu Demmes gave me a book called “Addis Life” written by the surviving lawyer Asefa II about the late lawyer and his survivor.

 It is not thought to use strong words to describe what happened again. In his book, he did not preach about forgiveness, but about forgiveness. He was a young man who dreamed of doing a lot for my country in my career. In the office where they are doing dangerous work for the country and people, he threw a glass of death in front of his friend in front of him and after raining several bullets on him, he left and hid.

He is like a person who has been given a chance to live again. like that He never asked.
It is no exaggeration to say that some people are only made once. His heart is a field of forgiveness plowed by a brave farmer. The thought is absolutely peaceful and pure. I think it is desirable to be chosen to be so. He said that he has forgiven the person who took away his friend, his job, his dream and paralyzed him below the neck. He will never hold his body below his neck again. He cannot control his urine and stool. He cannot turn over on his own if he does not sleep on his side. Again…again…I don’t want to hurt my heart. When is he going to be disturbed? I don’t want to lose my peace. Again, he forgives a lot…again, he gives forgiveness from his heart in many ways. Does it really require a different kind of calculation to clean this much? Hand!

May your second strength reach us. May your kindness caress us. May your forgiveness extend to us as well. May God give you long life. Other than that, I never cease to be amazed by you.

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