Former EbS journalist Rakeb Alemayehu to get married

Former Ebs journalist Rakeb Alemayehu who currently active on social medias as influencer announced that she getting married soon.


It was stated that the sub-city of Addis City has built and completed 43 projects that were requested by the public and made them eligible for service.

Out of these projects, 22 of them were scheduled for 60 days and 20 of them have been completed, according to the head of the city’s design and construction office, Mr. Urbana Bekele.

In addition, the projects are directly related to the society, he said.

Of the completed projects
👉 Asfaw Meda Sports Center, which is located in Ward 10 and has a budget of more than 20 million birr, has been completed.
👉 High 7 College G+4 Building Project located in Ward 04 and costing more than 17 million Birr.
👉 A project in which 12 work sheds in Philip’s Industrial Village that were destroyed by a sudden fire were rebuilt and put to use.
👉 Also mentioned are the shelter projects built for the sections of the society who were at risk of flooding in the district.

In addition, it was mentioned that 21 micro and small associations were involved in the constructions and temporary employment opportunities were created for 1560 citizens.

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