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Addis Ababa city administration will inaugurate three modern and standard police departments in three sub-cities tomorrow!!
One of the efforts of the Addis Ababa city administration to strengthen the security work of the city is to strengthen the police institutions, and to create a comfortable working environment where the police can provide services to the community, it will inaugurate three modern police departments in Arada, Beldeta sub-city and Kolfe, which cost more than 320 million birr tomorrow.

To ensure the peace and security of the city and to train and strengthen the police in a comprehensive manner, the work will be strengthened and the modern buildings will be inaugurated tomorrow.
👉 The height of the building in Arada sub-city-B+G+5 (basement+ground+5)

👉 The height of the building (B+G+6 office building) and B+G+2 (Prison building) in Ledta District/City.

👉 The height of the building in Kolfe (B+G+6 office building) and B+G+2 (correction building)

The buildings are designed to meet the international standards for the treatment of prisoners, a clinic, a meeting hall, a cafeteria and various other policing technologies.

It is believed that these projects will be of great importance, especially in solving the security problems seen in the city and organizing the capacity of the security forces.

We will speed up the city’s transformation by increasing the capacity of the city’s ever-growing projects to be completed on time and for the benefit of the public!!

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