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Dagmawit Mera has sat down with Dagi show to discuss on several topics. Dagi aka Sim card is a crew member of Saturday with ebs.

50 tips for couples

  1. Start each day with a hug and a kiss
  2. Pray for each other every day
  3. Study the Bible together
  4. Be humble
  5. Be polite
  6. Exchange gifts
  7. Smile often
  8. Be generous
  9. Be upright
  10. Forgive him
  11. Do what the other wants without the other asking
  12. Listen
  13. Encourage
  14. Embrace diversity
  15. Know his or her needs
  16. Prepare the other’s breakfast earlier
  17. Say hello twice a day
  18. On the day of the phone call
  19. Hold hands when you walk together
  20. Ask each other’s opinion
  21. Show love and respect
  22. Make your birthdays special and celebrate
  23. Exchange flowers on Valentine’s Day and annual holidays
  24. When you make a mistake, accept your mistake and apologize
  25. Do your business his or her way
  26. Send beautiful cards on any occasion
  27. Avoid heated arguments
  28. Keep pain away from you
  29. Solve your problems together in prayer
  30. Laugh together
  31. Read your cards and love letters during the holidays
  32. Serve God and people and have a role in the church
  33. “What should I do to please him/her?” Ask yourself
  34. Talk about your dreams
  35. Gentle touch is important
  36. Go out for dinner one day a week or go to the beach and listen to music.
  37. Give a quick response to the other person’s question
  38. Talk about your love and the good times you had
  39. Treat each other’s friends and relatives equally
  40. Let one be awake to the hunger of the body that does not exist. 41. Watch the sunset together.
  41. Say “I love you/I love you” repeatedly
  42. Read the Bible together
  43. Read and discuss an important book about marriage
  44. Have a song or song that you call ours
  45. ​​Remove blame, complaining and discipline from you
  46. Have a sense of humor and play
  47. Help each other in your house
  48. Seek external help when necessary
  49. End the day with hugs and prayers

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