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Ejigayehu Shibabaw (GiGi) New look


Ejgayehu aka GIGI made a name for her self at a very tender age. She is seen as an icon to Ethiopian music industry.

It was stated that it should be noted that the targeted fuel subsidy is an application designed to benefit the society.

ejgayehu Shibabaw GIGI new image

Adama: The Minister of Transport and Logistics Mrs. Dagmawit Moges stated that the targeted fuel subsidy, which came into effect on June 29, 2014, is an application designed to benefit those who use public transport. The Honorable Minister stated this when he had a discussion with the officials of the Regional and City Government Transport Bureau regarding the achievements and challenges encountered since the implementation of the implementation.

He said that as a country, we have been able to organize the information of more than 186,000 public transport service vehicles that will benefit from the targeted fuel subsidy in the past months. He said that our efforts to support the implementation with technology have borne fruit and we have learned that we have multi-faceted capabilities to achieve our goals.

Honorable Minister of State Baro Hasan, on his part, emphasized that the transport offices should pay great attention to the tariff and not to exploit the public. He pointed out that the transport offices should fulfill their responsibilities by clarifying the slight discrepancies in the data that came to the center. He pointed out that there is a possibility that the daily fuel subsidy of the public transport service vehicles will be inspected and adjusted based on the study.

The participants of the forum shared that the implementation of the targeted fuel subsidy was a great success and raised the challenges faced during implementation. The 9719 line of the free call center is congested, the information given by some drivers is not complete, there is not enough understanding, the way petrol stations provide services is not consistent, the public does not understand that the fuel subsidy is an application for the public and there are other problems.

Ethio Telecom officials stated that there is no significant gap caused by network outages and that more than 2,000 experts have been assigned to inform the users of the service. Line congestions in relation to the free call center and the achievements and shortcomings since the implementation of the implementation have been explained and responded to by the relevant officials.

Honorable Minister Mrs. Dagmawit Moges said in her concluding message that we have received many benefits as a country since the implementation of the targeted fuel subsidy, and she said that this is where we have seen that the regions and city administrations are fully capable of implementation.

They mentioned that it is important to stop and evaluate the deficiency and fill the deficiency and expand the achievements. He stated that despite the success recorded, the awareness gap observed by gas stations, drivers and vehicle owners should be filled. He pointed out that the meaning of the fuel subsidy is when the society can only use it at the set tariff.

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