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“It is necessary to repeat the victory of our athletes with a strong team spirit in other fields” – Athlete Major Haile Gebreslase

It is necessary to repeat the victory of our athletes with strong team spirit in other fields as well, said Athlete Major Haile Gebreslase.

Athlete Haile expressed his joy at Ethiopia’s victory in the 18th World Athletics Championship held in Oregon, USA and conveyed his congratulatory message to the citizens of the entire country.

As the athlete told the Ethiopian Press Organization; It is necessary to repeat the victory they brought at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, where a strong team spirit was shown.

Athlete Shaleka Haile pointed out that the victory of the athletes was due to their putting Ethiopia first and their efforts to make their country stand out in front of the powerful countries. He pointed out that the active performance of the athletes should be repeated in other fields as well.

Haile, the athlete, said that the victory brought by the athletes by putting the country first without thinking about their problems is commendable. He said that he should work by paying attention to the issues that bring the community together.

Athlete Haile said that he believes that we will soon reach a time when Ethiopia will have everyone and it will be enviable to be created as an Ethiopian.

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