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We have completed more than 576 projects for public service!!
“In this fiscal year, 276 projects of water, big projects, roads were built and completed by the government budget in cities and sub-districts, and more than 300 projects were completed through social responsibilities and public participation, totaling more than 576, with a total cost of more than 26.24 billion birr.
We have confirmed the great potential of coordinating the private sector and the public capacity.

Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe

A leader in charge of housing in Kirkos sub-city district 01 received 2 hundred thousand birr for selling services for money.
The police said that he was caught red-handed.

On July 12/2014, Chief Inspector Bahru Tekle, who is in charge of the crime and traffic accident investigation department of the district police department, announced in a report that the officer used his temporary authority to fraudulently claim that he had given a legal map of an undocumented house. He said the matter is being investigated.

The Chief Inspector added that he is investigating other individuals related to the case and urged other individuals who try to sell services for money to learn from this and refrain from their actions.
They also thanked the community for their contribution in exposing the incident and called on them to immediately report such irresponsible individuals to the police.

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