Actress Helen Teklay and Emmanuel’s son video

Helen is a wife of famous Ethiopian footballer Amanuel. Amanuel is a professional footballer for St.George fc and Ethiopian national team.

It was said that 25 percent of the residents of Addis Ababa live below the poverty line

25% of the people living in Addis Ababa live below the poverty line and it is said that shelter and basic needs cannot be met and the problem is becoming serious.

Following the spread of poverty and rising prices in Ethiopia, the board of the council held a discussion with the private sector associations on the solutions to the problem. In Addis Ababa, a project to help the underprivileged, centered on all eleven sub-cities, has been presented for discussion.

The general secretary of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Mr. Shibeshi Bethmariam, told Bisrat Radio that this project included many charitable works. In the discussion, the task of providing food to more than 600 thousand children in eleven sub-cities and other tasks were raised, which should be continued and encouraged. .

Among the activities included in the project are providing uncooked food for 3,000 to 5,000 needy people for 16 million birr, cooked food for 700 to 1,000 people, and coordinating construction organizations to help the underprivileged, including housing renovation costing more than 1.5 million birr. As a result, the project will cost more than 20 million birr, Ato Shibeshi Bethmariam Zhemrewu told Bisrat Radio.

By Eden Schmelz

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