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The Standing Committee said it was working to find answers to Wolkait Tegede and Raya’s identity questions

Addis Ababa: The Standing Committee on Identity Management and Peacebuilding is working to find answers to Wolkait Tegede and Raya’s identity questions.

One of the plans of the House of Federation’s Identity Management Boundaries and Peacebuilding Standing Committee for the 2014 fiscal year is to examine the boundaries of identity management and make recommendations to the House.

He said that the council has been working to clarify the identity of the people who were being questioned and that our identities will be respected.

The Standing Committee, which has been working on data purification in the past one year, said it has received 30 complaints from nine regions.

He said Raya’s case is one of them and work is underway with the federal government to find a solution.

He mentioned that six of them were identifiable and 24 were questionable.

He said work is underway to address the issue of Wolkait Tegede.

He also said that a consultative meeting was held to review the status of the commission’s 27 different issues, which had been previously sent to the Boundaries and Identity Commission by the House of Federation to help investigate and investigate complaints.

It is stated that the commission should make recommendations based on the results of the study based on the 5 issues of identity, 18 demarcation, 3 demarcation and one delegation sent to the commission during the just ended budget year.

According to the report, the Standing Committee is considering various structural and regional issues in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR).

The House heard this and other Standing Committee performance reports and approved it by a three-vote majority.

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