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“There is a lot of tension in our work,” he said. But it is not discouragement that causes us to despair. We will fall on the day we say no; If we think it is possible, if we cooperate, we can go a long way even if we cooperate, at least with patience !!
Mayor Adanech Abebe

Today, Mayor Adanech Abebe handed over the project to the residents of Kirkos Sub-City Woreda 8, Lebe Fana School.

The buildings were handed over to the occupants of the houses, according to their size and size.

Who spoke at this ceremony
The mayor said the kebele is rebuilding houses and is improving the lives of many vulnerable people. We did not plan to deliver this house today as planned; However, he said that despite the delay in development, especially at home, we have overcome it.

After the construction began, the houses were suspended for nine months by individuals seeking the land.

According to the mayor, Adanech said that there is a crisis not only in this work but also in many of our activities. So, if we work together, we can do it. “We can go a long way,” he said.
“We must not think that the obstacles we are facing for the time being are impossible, but we must think and act beyond the obstacles,” he said.

He thanked the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation for constructing the houses at affordable prices.

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