Henok Dinku and Mahi engagement ceremony

Henok and Mahi got engaged. The two love birds decided to live life together and see their dreams come true.

“Legislative reforms will be strengthened to strengthen the capacity of democratic institutions” – Speaker Tagesse Chafo

Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo, said legal reforms and government support will be strengthened to strengthen the capacity of democratic institutions.

henok and mahi

A consultation forum was held on the reforms made by democratic institutions.

At the forum, the improvements made by some institutions and the problems encountered were presented and discussed.

Efforts have been made to improve legal frameworks, up-to-date technological changes and human resource development, he said.

Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives He described democratic institutions as “the arms of the House.”

He said the strengthening of institutions is the key to building order and building a country.

“We will work to strengthen the capacity of the institutions and strengthen government support,” he said.

He said democratic institutions should have a solid foundation, starting with the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

Christian Tadele, Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Public Expenditure Management and Control of the House of Peoples’ Representatives “There are problems with the voice of the people and of justice,” he said.

He said the democratic institutions should not only declare their neutrality by issuing a report but also work to control the problems they face.

According to ENA, the forum was attended by media professionals and other stakeholders.

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