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The targeted fuel subsidy went into effect on more than 160,000 vehicles

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced that the targeted fuel subsidy, which will benefit only public transport vehicles, will be implemented on June 29, 2014.

The ministry said public transport service vehicles across the country have registered through Ethio Telecom’s sales centers by providing the necessary information to benefit from the targeted fuel subsidy.

According to the ministry, Ethio Telecom has started providing reliable and efficient services through technology to support the national oil subsidy technology.

Accordingly, more than 160,000 vehicles registered with Tele Birr will be able to use the app from today.

It has been revealed that the annual fuel consumption of public transport service vehicles has been identified and a calculation based on the amount of fuel used by each vehicle will enable the vehicles to use the fuel-efficient fuel subsidy.


  • 7-liter daily Bajaj
  • Small city taxi (Lada) 25 liters per day
  • Minibus taxi 65 liters per day
  • Light bus 94 liters per day
  • City bus 102 liters per day
  • Public bus 25 liters per day
  • It is stated that the cross country bus will use 65 liters per day.

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