Artist Dagmawit and Samson amazing love story

Samson Tadesse, baby, is a well known Ethiopian actor who has graced several movies over the past twenty years.

Samson is married to actress and singer Dagmawit Tsehaye and the two are blessed with two beautiful children’s.


Legedadi Phase II Groundwater Project inaugurated at a cost of 4.2 billion birr

Legedadi Phase II Groundwater Project, built at a cost of 4.2 billion birr, was inaugurated today.

Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe, who inaugurated the project, said the Legedadi Chapter 2 groundwater project will solve the problem of Addis Ababa residents who are suffering from drinking water supply.

He said the completion of the project on time and on budget shows that we are facing challenges.

Addis Ababa and its neighbors cannot live without each other, he said, adding that Addis Ababa receives more than 85 percent of its water supply from the surrounding Oromia Special Zone.

Legedadi Phase II Groundwater Project has the capacity to produce 86,000 cubic meters of water per day, which will increase Addis Ababa’s water production capacity from 674 thousand to 760,000 per day.

The project will serve more than 860,000 residents of the city and will benefit Yeka and Gulele areas.

In the last three years, two of the three projects that have been launched to solve the city’s water problem have been completed and are in operation.

Senior officials of the Addis Ababa City Administration, including State Minister for Water and Energy, Ambassador Asfaw Dingamon, attended the graduation ceremony.

By Muhammad Al-Qadr

Written by Editor


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