Tsiges’ heart touching reaction about Danis love for djLee

Tsige and Dani are long time friends and many believe as if they are dating. But recently on an odd interview Dani said he is in love with DJ Lee and Tsige was left in tears after her love diminished on her face.

Mustafa Mohamed inaugurates Jijiga Electric Power Expansion Project

The Chief of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed, has inaugurated the Jijiga Electric Power Expansion Project.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Ethiopian Regional Power Branch Manager, Abdullahi Abshir, senior officials of the region and other guests.

Jijiga Electric Power was built 17 years ago and has not been upgraded or expanded.

On the contrary, with the expansion and growth of the city, electricity consumption and demand have increased.

The project, which was inaugurated today, will alleviate the energy needs of Jijiga and eliminate power outages.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mustafa Mohamed said the government will pay special attention to the development of electricity, water and road infrastructure in the coming days.

On the other hand, according to information obtained from the regional government’s communication affairs bureau, the president and other leaders visited the state building project.

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