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The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPC) and the Ethiopian Electric Service (EES) have urged the action to be taken against the perpetrators to prevent theft of electricity infrastructure.

He said the theft and destruction of electricity infrastructure was increasing in size and scope due to the lack of education on the part of the perpetrators.

He called on the authorities to take action against the perpetrators and ensure that these huge public resources are protected.
Melaku Taye, Corporate Communication Director of the Ethiopian Electric Service, said: Extreme levels of looting are taking place in various parts of the country.

He said the costly transmission lines were out of order, which not only disrupted the service but also harmed customers.

Following this, he said, although the institute has filed lawsuits, there are limitations in crime prevention and teacher punishment.

Ethiopian Electric Power Communication Director Moges Mekonnen said theft of electricity infrastructure has been on the rise in recent times.
He argued that the increase in crime against electricity infrastructure was unprofessional and unreasonable.

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