Artist Bisrat Gemechu daughter special birthday celebration

Famous media personality artist Bisrat Gemechu celebrated her daughter birthday in a very memorable way.

“The year has been a good year for athletics,” said Ambassador Mesfin Chernet

State Minister of Culture and Sports, Ambassador Mesfin Chernet said this year has achieved good results in athletics.

The delegation, which participated in the 22nd African Athletics Championships in Mauritius and received excellent results, was presented with an award today.

State Minister for Culture and Sports, Ambassador Mesfin Chernet, in his message to the program, noted that in some competitions, athletes are able to raise their country’s flag while struggling with their illness.

According to ENA, the athletes should be prepared for another victory in the upcoming World Athletics Championships.

Ethiopian Athletics Federation President Commander Athlete Derartu Tulu; For her part, she said it was a big responsibility to represent the country and called on athletes to start preparations for the World Athletics Championships in a month.

Ethiopia finished 5th with a total of 14 medals, 4 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze in the 22nd African Athletics Championships.

The federation presented 40,000 birr to the athletes who won gold, 25,000 birr to the silver, 15,000 birr to the bronze medal, 10,000 birr to the diploma winners and 5,000 birr to the participants.

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