Artist Selam Tesfaye met her fans at luxurious dinner program

Selam Tesfaye is a prominent Ethiopian artist known for her amazing performances on several films. She was invited to meet her fans at Sheraton Addis those who are willing to pay 2500 ETB for the dinner. The money will be used for charity programs, the organizers confirmed.


The main points raised by Mayor Adanech Abebe during her stay with ABC are:

The main purpose of the discussion is to listen to the people.

The people are praising the good deeds done in every forum, they are done right; They have served us: However, the issues that he raised in his last two or three counts are consistent with what our congregation has seen.

This’s not a participatory party like this public discussion; Involved in all sections of the community: Both elected and non-elected were invited to attend.

At this meeting the people were able to speak freely. At one time, the whole of Ethiopia, except for a few places, spoke.

The public made comments; Criticized; Asked questions: He also suggested a solution.
On the one hand, this shows his confidence in the party. If he had not believed that the Prosperity Party would have solved his problems, he would not have come to such a meeting;

The party believed that the people could raise the question of balance. He was able to prove this.

• We can look at what the people raised in three parts.

1. What it says is often true, what needs to be done and what should be done.
2. Secondly, we have seen that there are gaps in consciousness; It is our problem. We must be aware of: We need to make our work clear.
3. There are some unbalanced sounds. But even they, too, are breathing. As long as he is polite, it does not matter. The people themselves can decide which is right and which is wrong.

• Teaches listening to the public; He saw that we could solve problems by talking to the people. On the other hand, we also understand that the people are ready to help. Unless we work with the public and the public does not help us; We have learned that not all problems can be solved by government alone.

Asked by the public.
1. The rule of law is respected throughout Ethiopia. The first question
2. It is the cost of living;
3. It is theft. The people have clearly told us this: Take control of the theft within you, do not steal, do not steal.
4. What the people have said is that extremism and extremism will destroy Ethiopia.

The people will build my Ethiopian unity with respect and cooperation. The questions are the same, tied and solved together.

• What we have proved at this prosperity conference is that if we Ethiopians stand together, there is no problem we can solve.

• The government came down to the people because it was determined to solve the problems. But not all things are the same. Requires order. This must be made public. Which ones can we solve soon, which ones will take time;

• The rule of law is not a bargaining chip.

Not everything is done by the government alone; We will enter the next consultation process for our people; Although not a large number, We, as the woreda and the sub-city, are supporting what the people should support and at the same time exposing it, creating the conditions for it to deliver the information it needs to deliver to us, and we will do our best to help our people !!

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