I want to represent Ethiopia as an international model – Saron Ayelegn

Saron Ayelegn declared about her intention to represent Ethiopia on an international model competition. He dream is to be recognized as an influential women that can be seen up to by others.


As development issues raised by the community are common questions, we will work to find solutions to the problems: Dr. Engineer Negash Wagesho

Dr. Engineer Negash Wagesho, Deputy Chairman of the South West Ethiopian People’s Regional State and a member of the Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party said that the development issues raised by the community are common questions.

A public forum focusing on the decisions and directions of the 1st regular meeting of the Prosperity Party was held in the presence of senior leaders.

Residents of Bonga town administration said that unresolved infrastructure problems in our area should be addressed at the forum.

Residents say the new region has been underdeveloped by politics for centuries and has not been able to develop equally.

He said there is still a lack of access to road, safe drinking water, referral hospital and telecommunication services in the region.

He said the Bonga National Coffee Museum, built at a cost of over 35 million birr, has not been completed yet.

He said some media outlets should work on issues that will strengthen the unity and brotherhood of the people.

During the discussion, questions were raised as to when the problem in the northern part of the country will be resolved.

The questions were answered by the forum leaders and it will work to make the infrastructure projects a reality and the community to benefit from the sector.

The question of cluster organization is that there is no reason for the issue to be unconstitutional and that states can determine the number of cities on their own; Dr. Sema Tiruneh, Deputy Chief of the Amhara Regional State and a member of the Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party, said this would be a model for other regions.

It was stated at the forum that it will work to ensure equal benefits by listening to the people as a people and solving problems through understanding.

Dr. Sema said efforts are underway to ensure the survival of the people by enabling its representative to be included in the Prosperity Party and various government responsibilities.

Dr. Negash Wagesho, Deputy Chairman and Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party of the South West Ethiopian People’s Regional State You realize that it has been given.

According to information received from the regional communications, they have all said that they must do their part to achieve this.

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