Teamir Gizaw – Alresam Alegn New Ethiopian Music 2022

Teamir Gizaw is a rising Ethiopian music star. She came to fame since the release of her single music video. The video was popular across the world specially where Ethiopians have access to the platform.

She is currently performing on several famous clubs in Addis Ababa. This edition is among her works in one of those elusive clubs. Please do enjoy her music and read below article about Education In Amhara regional state.

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Ethiopia | In a letter to the Ministry of Education, the Amhara Regional Universities Forum today called for correction of the 12th grade entrance exam and results.

He said the information released following the entrance exam results was unusual and shocking.

The Amhara Education Bureau said in a letter that it believes the Ministry of Education and the Examinations Authority will have the opportunity to address the problem by collecting detailed information on the results of all schools and making them available to the public.

The forum also stressed the need for all parties to sincerely accept the request made by the students and parents.

The forum said that the questions raised by the entrance exams and the results of higher education institutions should not be resolved as a matter of political expediency, but as a matter of generational destiny.

In a letter, the forum called on all parties to play a constructive role in resolving the issue.

He called on all stakeholders to work hard to make the issue completely free from the national context.

He also called on students and parents to remain calm until the question is answered.

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