Segno Segno Ethiopian New Movie 2022 – New Henok Dinku Movie

Henok Dinku movie

Henok Dinku is the lead actor on this latest movie. He is well organized with famous artists like Mekonnen Leake and his fiancee Mahilet.

Training on ethics and communication for bus captains and service providers has been strengthened.

Addis Ababa (Anbessa Communication Affairs) Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise has continued to provide training on ethics and communication to bus captains and service providers.

Getachew Tufa, Director of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the Institute, said the training was launched at Kality Depot. He said training is being provided.

He said the training will focus on customer service, understanding the customer’s behavior and dealing with patience.

He recalled that the training was conducted in Shegole and Mekanisa depots in collaboration with the institute’s training sub-process and traffic management.

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