Artist Mekdes Tsegaye speaks of her new husband highly

Famous artist Mekdes Tsegaye speaks about her husband. She had a failed relationship previously which was known among many people. This time everything was completed behind the scene unlike the previous one. She admitted that her new husband has given her faith to trust a man like never before by comparing him to her dad.

Mekdes was a lead actress on Mogachoch series Television show. She was acting as Doctor Tsedey on the television show. She was a fiancee of Dr Yohannes and later she married his very friend.


Addis Ababa City Administration signs two agreements with Chinese companies

The Addis Ababa City Administration, with the support of the World Bank, has signed an agreement to purchase the first 110 modern buses for the city at a cost of more than $ 15 million with the Chinese company Jutong Bass, which will be delivered in eight months. .

The second agreement is the signing of an intelligent transport system with the help of Information Communication, a Chinese telecommunications company, which has upgraded and enhanced the capacity of the Lion Bus.

The contract, which will cost more than $ 14 million and additional ሚሊዮን 9 million domestically, will bring the company closer to the world’s fast-moving transport infrastructure and provide paper-free services, as well as provide terminal and travel digital information to customers.

Commenting on the agreement, Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe said one of the issues we promised to address in the 2013 elections was to improve the city’s transportation services.

“We have inaugurated more than 1.9 billion birr worth of roads last week and today we have signed agreements to streamline and modernize the transport service,” he said.

According to Mayor Adanech, the city administration will also provide more than 2 billion birr for the rental of city-sponsored buses.

These agreements point to the transfer of knowledge and modernization as a fundamental transformation of the world’s efficient ICT service.
The agreement was signed by Addis Ababa Roads Authority Director General Engineer Moges Tibebu on behalf of the city administration.

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