‘I am a strong woman’ – Artist Melat Nebiyu

Melat Nebiyou

Melat have been through alot in this short life. She was a mother of a girl shouldered with raising her alone. She was in a relationship even engaged with artist Henok Dinku before they broke up.

People who won condominium lottery complained delay of key transfer

The draw was made on February 27, 2011. An unnamed person who said it would  be three years old on February 27, 2014, according to Ethiopian calendar.

The plaintiff said that he had lost money from his savings account to housing development and that he had lost interest in the bank interest rate.

They say they have lost at least 240,000 birr in total due to the sharp rise in the price of building materials used for home renovations three years ago. As a result, we have lost at least 5,000 birr due to delays in construction and the fact that we did not receive it on time, he said.

He added that the price of the house was not given to us by the government, but that it was a real estate price for us.

As a result, we have to pay four thousand birr a month for bank loans, 6,500 birr for rent, and two to three thousand birr for office loans every month. “We don’t know who to appeal to,” he said.

When we went to the Addis Ababa Housing Corporation, we were told that there was a shortage of funds and that the contractors also told us that they had not been paid 10 million birr for their work.

Another person, who did not want to be named, also lamented the fact that he did not take over the house at the time. He also told Addis Ababa that they are forming a committee to form a Bole Shale condominium association. He said that if there is sincerity, the concerned parties can solve the problem quickly.

Despite the fact that more than 2,300 people were affected by the 31 condominiums, most complained that they did not receive the homes and complained that they were going to shout and march. Attempts by Addis Ababa Housing Development Corporation to obtain information on the matter were unsuccessful.

All dates are in Ethiopian calendar.

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