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Ethiopia | You have been told that the rumors that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia will temporarily suspend its customers’ accounts are false.

The bank said: He told Sheger.

The bank claims that the last day of customer data collection is also false.

Yabsra Kebede, the bank’s communications director, said the bank had temporarily suspended its services to collect customer information.

We have heard that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has been forced to suspend its ATM and mobile banking services due to its compliance with the directive issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) to all private banks.

It should be noted that although customers do not currently have access to ATM and mobile banking services, they can still come to the branch and transfer their assets and funds.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) Director of Communications told Sheger that the deadline for seeking customer information is Friday.

Customers do not have to worry about queuing, queuing, and wasting their time. You have been told.

Sheger witnessed long queues at various branches of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Tehbo Niki

The bank announced that customers can access the service at any time by adjusting their information

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) customers can access their services at any time

In a statement issued today, the bank said customers would be able to access their services at any time, adding that today’s congestion was unnecessary.

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has been working to organize and purify its customer data for the past six months following the directive issued on 27/08/2021.

Accordingly: ÷ So far, many customers have been able to access their information at the bank branches and have updated it.

However, he said that customers who have not been able to update their information for various reasons will be interrupted only by the bank’s digital banking services (mobile banking, internet banking, ATM and postal service).

The bank has also confirmed that rumors circulating on various social networking sites and sources that it has closed down the accounts of unsuspecting customers are completely false.

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